Our Love

by Wintermitts



Our Love, Wintermitts' latest tune, was released on March 28th, 2013 at a video release party at the Media Club. The incredible music video, created by the talented Artino Ahmadi and his exceptional crew at Fresh Ninja Films, has been on rotation on Much Music, and can be viewed here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTZPQKhyplY

The video release party featured a screening of the video, a puppetry performance by Mind Of A Snail, and a full set of music by Wintermitts! Hyah!


Louder than a lion's roar
Larger than a dinosaur
Higher than a flying kite
Bigger than victories plight

It's our love,
our love
Its hard love
our love

I will buy you diamond rings
From the candy quarter machine
I will type you love letters
From my old typewriter

It's our love,
our love
It's hard love
our love

It's our love,
our love
It's hard love
our love


released March 19, 2013
Aaron Pettigrew, Jonny Healy, Lise Monique Oakley, Shane McMillan, Swann Barrat, Tina Tew



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Wintermitts Vancouver, British Columbia

Please meet Wintermitts, a genre-bending six-piece from Canada’s rain-soaked left hand corner, Vancouver. They sing in French and English. They rock trumpets and accordions. They waltz when they need to and they’re as absorbing (and comforting!) as you’d hope a winter mitten would be. ... more

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